Overcome demanding industry conditions with technology that compliments your existing INFRASTRUCTURE. 

New market dynamics are requiring electrical grid modernization. As government mandates force retirement of traditional fossil fuel generating plants, we find growth in the renewable generation. In many cases, the renewable generation is distributed closer to the point of use enabled by the advance of energy storage devices. This approach systematically the gap between renewable generation capability and periods of peak demand.

The GridBridge approach is to install our feature rich devices with the final distribution at the grid edge. We combine innovative power electronics with software and communication capabilities to upgrade existing infrastructure.

With GridBridge you can enable:

Precise voltage and power factor control at the grid edge
Improved conservation voltage reduction techniques
Seamless integration of renewable energy and storage
Power quality metering with remote communication, control and reports
Manage changing conditions remotely, in real time

Avoid Costly Infrastructure Upgrades

Deployment of Grid Energy Routers can improve energy efficiency by 5 to 15%.  This efficiency gain creates an energy reserve to help avoid costly expenditures needed to upgrade capacity.  With the Grid Energy Router you can practice conservation voltage reduction with confidence and bring troubling circuits into compliance.

Partner with your customers and members

In many cases, energy conservation goals of the consumer and utility are aligned and GridBridge delivers benefits to both. Our ability to manage voltage and power factor creates a savings opportunity for the consumer and reserve power benefits for the utility. Additionally, GridBridge can easily integrate renewable generation and energy storage devices to take the headache out of nano-grid deployment.