Unparalleled Capabilities Offer a Rich Technology Roadmap


GridBridge’s research efforts and results are unparalleled.  The GridBridge research team has consistently delivered tangible solutions in response to complex technical requirements, on budget and within timeline.  This exceptional dedication to excellence has routinely exceeded the expectations of contracting organizations.

Our technical focus is power conversion technology within  high power electrical networks. Depending on the design requirements and end product cost constraints, the team is comfortable utilizing commercially available Silcon-based technology, or cutting edge SiC and GaN semiconductor devices, as a foundation for the larger solution.  The research team’s impressive results are always based in practicality and often lead the industry.

Our ability to deliver on research partnerships is made possible through being surrounded with seasoned design experts in mechanical, software, and hardware.  We will continue to work with agencies and conduct internally funded research, leveraging our experience to compress timelines and deliver tangible results to our partners.



The GridBridge product pipeline is rich with innovative solutions, many of them focused on solving issues related with distributed resources within electrical utility networks.  Although the initial commercially available products have broad applications, GridBridge is excited to continue offering industry leading products to numerous markets.

GridBridge’s development efforts naturally leverage our previous research experiences whenever possible.  The team consists of seasoned professionals and flexible experts, routinely drastically shrinking design cycles well below industry standard.  As part of the larger ERMCO organization, the cross functional development team therefore couples years of electrical apparatus expertise with cutting edge electronics and software proficiency.   This synergy ultimately leads to an ever-growing product portfolio.