Grid Energy Router

The Grid Energy Router serves as a cornerstone for GridBridge’s innovative Energy Router Platform, combining power electronics with software and communication capabilities.  It was developed through years of collaborative work with a diverse set of clients, including electric utilities that serve a wide array of customers.

This commercially available multi-functional device is designed to improve distribution efficiency and reliability at the grid edge while simultaneously integrating distributed generation and energy storage resources.

These features, combined with power quality metering and remote management capability enable users to pursue power and energy conservation techniques with confidence and precision.

The Grid Energy Router is feature rich device installed on the secondary side of the utility distribution transformer and has demonstrated proven benefit on either side of the electrical meter.

With the Grid Energy Router, users can:

Precisely and simultaneously control voltage and power factor at the grid edge.
Improve conservation voltage reduction techniques.
Seamlessly integrate renewable generation and energy storage.
Manage changing conditions remotely, in real time.
Demonstrate efficiency gains ranging from 5-15%.
Balance three-phase legs and nearly eliminate neutral current on motor or pump load.

1φ Transformer Integrated GER DATASHEET
3φ Padmount GER Datasheet