Modernizing Power Distribution

In today’s electrical grid, active control is needed downstream of the substation and closer the point of consumption.  At the grid-edge, this means active control.  Our technology translates this to inserting a rich set of features at the distribution transformer or the customer service entry.

Whether working to integrate distributed energy resources, recognize efficiency gains, or decrease system demand, these features are made possible by combining innovative power electronic based devices with both propriety local software and communications capability.

GridBridge’s commercially available Energy Routers are able to accomplish many goals, depending on the business driver.  These applications utilize the Energy Router’s ability to stabilize fluctuating circuit voltages to a maintained set point, dynamically and automatically reduce voltage to a user-defined level, as well as eliminate reactive power at the installation location.  These capabilities are accomplished autonomously, at user command, or in concert with existing equipment.

Utility Solutions

As the electrical grid faces ever evolving demands, including the accommodation of renewable energy resources, load management and efficiency become more critical. GridBridge technology compliments existing grid equipment and reporting systems to help power system evolve. Our products help enable modern energy practices such as conservation voltage reduction, renewable energy integration and supplemental energy storage.

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Consumer Solutions

The GridBridge Grid Energy Router enables modernization of the power delivery by applying modern technology at the intersection of generation and demand.  This can be notably impactful to consumers of electricity.

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Research & Development

Through collaboration with diverse partners we continue to create and evolve solutions that optimize the capabilities of distributed energy resources within an electrical network, while simultaneously improving efficiency and reliability.  Our world-class R&D team is ready to hear your insights.

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