Reduce Power Consumption and Extend Equipment Life

Building upon our proven success with electric utilities, GridBridge is working with end users to deliver energy efficiency and premier quality power at their sites. GridBridge has partnered with clients and utilities in several markets to demonstrate drastic energy savings and precision power quality that is known to extend equipment life.

It’s known that improper voltage often stresses the winding in electrical motors of common equipment, including fans and HVAC, causing them to wear faster.  GridBridge’s Energy Router has the capability to align voltage with the specified level of downstream equipment and electronics.  This feature is combined with introducing a steady voltage level to equipment, therefore removing increasing volatility present in the electrical grid.

The accompanying chart demonstrates voltage being supplied to a customer being much higher than recommended and fluctuating drastically. The blue line demonstrates the voltage being supplied to the customer out of our GER.  These capabilities ultimately lead to impressive efficiency gains, reduction in electricity costs, and extended equipment life.


Poor power factor is the result of users having numerous motors, or inductive load, connected to the utility service line.  In many geographies, utilities will charge a fee for this situation.  In addition to the voltage management capabilities, the GridBridge Energy Router has the capability to compensate for that customer caused power factor.  The power factor reflected to the utility can be improved drastically, often demonstrating unity, which is beneficial for both parties.

The GridBridge Energy Router is a win-win. While utilities may initiate purchase to gain customer affinity and witness a more stable distribution network, end users are also leading the effort in order to drastically improve their power scenario: witnessing a 2-3 year payback merely through efficiently and extending the life of their equipment.