THE GRID ENERGY ROUTER is the cornerstone for an evolved electrical grid.

Chad Eckhardt – CEO

About GridBridge

GridBridge is developing and enabling breakthrough power delivery systems for vital applications worldwide. Combining years of research in advanced electronics with innovative software, GridBridge’s platform-based products give customers versatility and dependability. Our Grid Energy Router specifically supports grid modernization by empowering utility customers and integrators to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously: integrate renewable generation and energy storage, significantly increase network efficiency, optimize distribution electric flow, as well as increase overall reliability and resilience.

Our Mission

Revitalize power delivery systems for critical applications by combining breakthrough technology that enables distributed resources, enhances reliability and resilience and improves efficiency.

Compliment Existing Infrastructure

GridBridge equipment is designed to compliment existing assets and enable cutting-edge technology. Leverage our technology to help avoid costly expenditures for management and capacity.

Customer Service Commitment

GridBridge provides a high level of customer support to understand your specific needs to provide the correct solution – backed by a world-class warranty.

Made in the USA

GridBridge products are designed and manufactured with pride in the United States.


130 Penmarc Drive, Suite 101
Raleigh, NC 27603
Email: sales@grid-bridge.com
Web: www.grid-bridge.com

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